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 The use of this website comprehends the Privacy Policy, and the user / client must read this text carefully, before giving their consent to the collection and processing of personal data, in order to verify if they agree .

These terms of the Treatment of Personal Data regulate the collection and processing of the data of the STIVALI Customers, provided by them, as well as regulate, under the terms of the Data Protection Law in force, the exercise of the Rights of Clients with respect to data that supply.

The Vieira & Frank, Lda. society, with headquartered in Avenida da Liberdade 38B 1250-145 LISBOA, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon, under the single registration number and legal person number 502475404, with a share capital of € 29,927, 88, owns the “STIVALI” brand.

The personal data provided will be processed by Vieira & Frank, Lda., This company is responsible for collecting and processing the data.

As data controller, Vieira & Frank, Lda., recognizes the importance of protecting Customer’s personal data, whatever its nature, and for this reason has developed a set of security measures aimed at the protection of personal data provided.

The Customer / Data Holder declares that he / she agrees with these terms and conditions of data processing and that the information in these data and those that are part of the STIVALI Brand Privacy Policy have been given in an explicit, concise, transparent, intelligible and easy access, using clear and simple language.

The Client / Data Holder further declares that he gives his consent in a free way and that he expressly authorizes the collection and treatment of his Personal Data in the precise terms settled.



 Our data

This web page is executed under the designation STIVALI by the company Vieira & Frank, Lda., headquartered at Avenida da Liberdade 38B, Lisbon, registered with the Lisbon Commercial Registry under number 502475404, which is also the person identification number with a share capital of € 29,927.88.

Your data and the use of this website

The information or data provided by the user / Client will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. By using this website, the user / Client is consenting to the treatment of the information and data collected and declares that it is true and accurate


Subject matter and scope

The use and sales promoted on the STIVALI website are governed by the following terms and conditions.

When making an online order at STIVALI, the user / Customer:

  • Declares that read and agreed to these terms and conditions;
  • Declares that is at least eighteen (18) years old and / or are of legal age in the residence jurisdiction, and has a legal possibility to hire and use your own means of payment;
  • You will not make fraudulent use of the website, contrary to law or morality;
  • It accepts that the Portuguese legislation will regulate any conflict with the consumer, without prejudice to legal provisions to the contrary, Community Directive or international treaty.

Vieira & Frank, Lda is the owner of the STIVALI website and its contents.

This includes documentations, images, characters, design, music, software, codes and formatting scripts.

All material included on the STIVALI website is protected by copyright.

Reproduction, modification, transmission, republication and / or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited without your prior consent.

Vieira & Frank, Lda. does not allow the use of the contents of the website or its brand for any purpose other than those mentioned above.

Vieira & Frank, Lda. regularly updates its website and declines all responsibility for technical and typographical errors that may arise.

Some brands can only be sold in physical stores or can only be sold within the countries of Europe. In such cases Customer will be informed of such limitations.

The STIVALI website of Vieira & Frank, Lda. is protected in accordance with international internet standards, so that, if used correctly, the user / customer can be sure not to find a virus. However, Vieira & Frank, Lda. Declines all responsibility for any problems, damages, viruses or risks that the user may incur during improper use of the website, as well as any possible uses of the site.

 Vieira & Frank, Lda. Also reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions contained in this legal information, without prior notice. 


Product availability and order confirmation / cancellation

A STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., Only processes an order made by a customer after confirming the payment, and STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., can not guarantee the availability of the articles until the beginning of said processing.

A STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., only dispatch orders on weekdays. Thus, to estimate the time of delivery of orders, weekends and holiday days are not counted. Any delay in the dispatch of articles, in view of the estimated dates presented, does not confer the right to compensation.

Satisfaction of all orders placed on the site is subject to availability of the products. A STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., Tries to ensure that all items put up for sale on the website are in stock. However, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., reserves the right not to accept any orders or cancel orders already confirmed for products that no longer have stock.


 Stock unavailability

In the event of product unavailability and / or stock break, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., will immediately inform the user / Customer of the partial or total cancellation of their order, and that customer is entitled to a refund of the respective amount paid.

STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., Reserves the right to inform the user / Customer, during the 72 hours after receiving the order, of the unavailability of any ordered article.

After informing the user of this unavailability, the agreement is automatically resolved as to the unavailable item, being guaranteed to the user that it will not incur any costs due to the cancellation of the order regarding the unavailable item, being annulled, in due proportion, the amount card account statement.

The contract will remain and will produce its normal effects on the other articles eventually ordered, unless otherwise indicated by the user.


Price and payment

The prices of the products displayed on the STIVALI website include VAT. The total price specified in the final checkout menu includes taxes and shipping costs.

Shipping rates are calculated on request, and the exact price of the shipping charge will depend on the way your order will be delivered.

On the website, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., accepts the following payment methods via Easypay – Instituição de Pagamento Lda:

  1. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard);
  2. Multibanco Reference;


In the case of payment by credit card, the debit will be made on the card of the User immediately after confirmation of the shipment of the merchandise. If some products ordered are exhausted, the value of them will be credited to the User’s card after the order is closed.


 Shipping of Products and Deliveries

The products ordered in the STIVALI online store will be shipped and delivered on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

We can only guarantee the good delivery of an order if the shipping address of the products is well indicated by the User / Customer.

A delivery is deemed to be made or a product is deemed to be delivered with the signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed upon address.


 Cost of Shipping and Delivery Time

The shipping costs associated with your order will be invoiced by order, for example, if you order more than one item, you will only pay once for the shipping costs. However, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., reserves the right to split the delivery of the order, for example, if a part of the order is delayed or not available.

Shipping costs are shown in the following table and refer to Continental Portugal, Madeira Archipelago and Azores.

  • Portugal and Archipelagos – € 4.00

At the time of delivery, the customer must inspect the packaging and the products sent in order to investigate any damages. If the customer finds that the products are damaged, must not accept delivery of the order, which must be returned immediately. Vieira & Frank Lda will reimburse the amounts paid for the order and transportation as soon as, at its headquarters, it receives and completes the return process.

The order is accepted if, after receiving the order, the Customer does not return the order within 30 days.

 Delivery times for orders

After registering your order, being confirmed the payment and being available all the articles of your order, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., undertakes to proceed with the delivery observing the following delivery times:

  • In continental Portugal, on average, within a maximum period of 7 working days.
  • In the Madeira Archipelago and the Azores, on average, between 5 and 10 business days.

Vieira & Frank Lda. will not be liable for any breach or delay in the performance of any obligation to send due to an event of force majeure, that is, an event, act or omission, beyond its reasonable control.

 Product Returns

If you decide to return the products purchased, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., has the right not to accept the return of products if the returned items are not in the original state and packaging, or if they have been worn.

Upon receipt of the order, the Customer has a period of 30 days to return the item (s) – if it finds that they have defects or other nonconformities with regard to the ordered products or by simple withdrawal, without explicitly state the justification.

Upon receipt of all or part of the ordered products at our premises, we will process them within an average of one week. In case the return is confirmed, you will be refunded the amount by the same method of payment. Returns are only made for the account / card that originated the purchase.

 Conditions applicable to Promotional Codes (discounts)

When used according to the established rules, a promotion code enables the user / Customer to enjoy a promotion / discount on the purchase of a specific product or a set of products, during the indicated period / associated with the promotional code / campaign promotional.

Promotional codes are personal and non-transferable and can only be used for online purchases made on the site. The sale, exchange or donation of a promotional code is not allowed. The Client carrying the promotional code may not upload or make available a promotional code on any website or other public form of offering, donation, sale or exchange. The use of promotional codes for commercial purposes is not allowed.

The use of a promotional code is subject to one use per product and per order. Promo codes can not be combined with any other promotions or special offers.

Promo codes can not be redeemed for cash and will not be reissued or refunded.

Without prejudice to any other rights, STIVALI | Vieira & Frank Lda., reserves the right to immediately invalidate the promotional code issued if it suspects that a promotional code is being used in violation of the aforementioned assumptions.

 Validity of promotions or commercial campaigns

The promotional offers or commercial campaigns published on the STIVALI website are valid only for the moment they are displayed on the website and according to the conditions established, unless otherwise communicated on the website.

In the case of return of items purchased in the scope of Commercial Campaigns or Promotions, you will be credited or given only the amount you actually spent on the purchase of the item you intend to return or exchange.



Vieira & Frank Lda. Will only be liable for damages suffered by the client in the event that such damages result from violations attributable to the contractual obligations of Vieira & Frank Lda. To the user / Customer, or in case the liability arises from the applicable legal right.

In the event that user / customer has suffered damages related to the activity of the STIVALI website, Vieira & Frank Lda.’s liability will be limited to: product damages, reasonable and verifiable costs incurred by Customer due to the violation by Vieira & Frank Lda. of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use.

Vieira & Frank Lda. Can not be held liable for damages suffered by third parties resulting from the use of any of our products. Vieira & Frank Lda. Can not be held liable for damages suffered by the Customer as a consequence of improper use of our products.

Vieira & Frank Lda. Is not liable for damages resulting from incorrect information on the website.

All products marketed by Vieira & Frank Lda. are in compliance with Portuguese legislation.

Intellectual property

Customer acknowledges and agrees that all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights in the materials or content that are provided as part of the Website are at any time ours or from whom we have been granted the license to their use. You may only use such material in the manner expressly authorized by us or by whom you have given us the license to use it. This does not prevent you from using this web page to copy information about your order or contract data as necessary.

Applicable law

The present Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use and all emerging litigation that are related to these general conditions must be governed by Portuguese Law.

In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation or execution of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use, Vieira & Frank Lda. and the Client undertake to seek a fair and adequate solution within a maximum period of 60 (sixty) days counted from the receipt of the communication addressed to that effect by any of the parties involved.

Change of Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use of the STIVALI online store

Vieira & Frank Lda. has the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use at any time. The user / Customer is subject to the principles and terms in force at the time of making an order, unless the competent Law or Authority imposes any changes.

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Regulamento geral de proteção de dados

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